Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs, Features, Release Date, Price And Concept Images



    • We always try to make things more accessible, So that there remains no confusion Sir. The things should be represented in aways that everyone gets. Thankyou! Keep visiting.

  1. Samsung again coming to beat its all competitor. I hope this Galaxy note 5 launch of Samsung sure tend to buy us a new smartphone.

    • We are hoping the same and expecting Samsung to keep up with the expectations. Surely, This will prove out to be a better and good move by the company. Competition is attaining new peaks day-by-day!

  2. Please be sure the battery is replaceable and that sd memory cards can be changed out. I will not purchase a cell phone that I can not remove or change out batteries in. I do not always have time to set the phone down to charge it, even if it is a fast charge! Sell me extra batteries, an external charger and a docking station with HDMI output and USB ports! Make some money off of me and keep me happy!

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